Bit Global Trades Inc - How to deposit on your Main Wallet

How to deposit on your Main Wallet

To deposit Crypto into your Bitglobaltrades main wallet, follow these easy steps:

1. Register and log in to your dashboard on Bitglobaltrades.

   2. Complete your KYC 

       verification for security           


3. Click on the deposit option and select your preferred gateway method (BTC, ETH, or USDT).

4. Enter the deposit amount you wish to transfer.

5. Copy the company wallet address provided on our platform.

6. Access your cryptocurrency wallet and initiate the fund transfer using the unique crypto address you copied from Bitglobaltrades.

    7. Entering the transaction hash   

        is essential to ensure the 

        completion of your payment 

        process. Kindly provide the 

        transaction hash promptly to 

        finalize the transaction 


This process ensures a seamless and secure transfer of funds into your Bitglobaltrades main wallet.